It started out like any typical late November day in the Okanagan. The sky was grey, overcast, gloomy and borderline depressing. I packed up my gear and headed out the door to meet up with a lovely couple from Saskatchewan that were staying at Silverstar and wanted a Lifestyle Photography Session. When I got the call and heard how much they loved visiting our beautiful province, I was instantly reminded why I moved here all those years ago. It’s easy to lose sight of the beauty around us when we see it every day. What a great reminder that we are so lucky to live here and sometimes, like in life, it’s necessary to look at the same old with a new set of eyes.

As I drove up the windy road, I felt the pressure build in my ears, rising higher and higher above Vernon. Then suddenly, as I rounded the last switchback, I popped up through the layer of cloud and was struck by the warmth of the sun through my window. I scrambled for my sunglasses which were buried in my console. The bright blue sky hit me like a bolt and instantly lifted my spirits. How is it possible to have such incredibly different weather in only 20 minutes of driving??

Arriving at the top, I had packed all my warm gear not knowing what to expect. Being a person that hates the cold, I’d rather be too warm any day. But on this particular day, I found I had over dressed. The sun on my face felt like the warm touch of an angel and I couldn’t help the smile that spread across my face.

Ray and Crystal were fabulous to work with. Hearing them talk about how much they love it here on their first visit and can’t wait to come back. Like music to my ears! I am so proud of this amazing place we live in and being an Okanagan Photographer, sure has it’s perks!